Do you live in Newcastle? Do you want $20 off our next LAATE STORE Purchase ? 

Hell. Yeah. you. do! Don't we all?

$20 off is a mad saving and we are all pretty skint on cash at the moment with the coming and going of lockdown rules and awaiting that Tax payment. 

So a FREE $20 is a half a shirt, $20 off a deck, a 1/2 a set of wheels or makes that pair of XLARAGE 91 PANTS $20 cheeper.

Too good to be true!! well you are wrong.

We have teamed together with the City of Newcastle to reward you for doing something good.

Kind is cool, kinda vibes. 

All you need to do to get your $20 off is simply download the "lean in newy" app, earn 2000 points and then spend them in our Hunter St Store or any other "lean in newy" participating business. 

To earn points you can take a photo of your eco cup, watch some educational videos, take a selfie of your recently purchased op shop finds, listen to some local bands, donate some blood or snap a picture of your compost.

Something little for you could mean the world to someone else. So get out there, social distance. 

Don't let them red bricks float on by. 

• You can redeem only one voucher per transaction, per person and per week @ our store. 

• you can NOT reededm vouchers for cash

• each week the council sends a list of names that have been using the app "illegally" and hacking the system to earn endless points, if you do this the council will block your email address from the app and you will NOT be able to redeem vouchers in store.