2020 has been the most disturbing year I have ever witnessed. A rollercoaster of emotions and interruptions to say the least. Adam and myself surround ourseleves with art from friends and local artists in our home and in store ( if you have been to either you would 100% understand). Art has always been a vital part of my life and while buying art is not usually seen as essential, 2020 has been the year many have used art to escape this years disturbingly dark tentacles it has tangled us all in.
Printing in Solidarity is the latest online print sale started to unite art and raise awareness and funds for two very special charities that work on the ground to help eliminate some of the injustices Indigenous Australian communities face.
This project by Printing in Solidarity brings together local artists such as Steve Tierney (who also does many designs for local Newcastle board company Amnesia skateboards), Ben Clement, Lekhena Porter & Nell Ferguson uniting art and social consciousness, to create change. Accessible art that stands for something, for all you morally conscious people and art lovers what could be more essential than this??? Any piece you buy from this first sale will be donated to organisations that work on the ground to help stop injustices and support indigenous Australian communities. 
The Aboriginal Legal Service fights for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples in the areas of criminal law, children’s care and protection law and family law. Children's Ground is led by First Nations communities across Australia to implement First Nations led education. And create a new future for Indigenous Australian children.

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