Captivating Mall Goth Adornments : Ebonny Munro

Captivating Mall Goth Adornments : Ebonny Munro

Our friend Ebonny is the mastermind behind these delicate yet magnetic and captivating adornments. The Sydney based beauty's pieces are individual items that pay homage to rebellious 90's youth everywhere. 

Eb's creations delicately embrace obscurities, the little difference we all have that makes us all unique and glamours. While equally complementing the precious metals and stones she works with. Her silversmithing techniques that have been acquired from  magical travels through South East Asia. 

Her pieces can been seen as culturally appropriated glamorous sparkle that have escaped the claws of desperate celebrities, has-beens, models, artists and groupies that spent nights lapping up the glamorous poverty of the Chelsea Hotel. 

The items are begging to be worn by the against the grain guys and girls. 

 For they are keepsakes from an era nostalgic of a rebellious youth. Adornment for the dreamers, the creepers, the mid night street stalkers, mall goths, 90's punk lovers and everyone in-between.

Produced by @finnparkar
Footage by @chloevictorianour
Fashions @lucyzaroyko 
Sound & jewellery by @ebonnymunro

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