Have you left Xmas gift buying to the last minute? But still wanna hook up yo loved ones with something unique and local ? 

Then hot dang you are lucky that Dane Tutty and the crew at Downunder tattoo have a pop up one stop shop.This Saturday if you are not hung over from the skate prem at the LASS O'GOWRIE get yourself down to 19 Downie St, Maryville for some hand made lingerie, prints, hand painted flash art, gift vouchers, fabric murals and gift vouchers. 

If thats not enough to get you to skate on down to Maryville this weekend then also know.. there is going to be awesome giveaways, raffles and vegan food to help power you through that last minute shopping craziness. 

Get there!! Whatever you need big or small, this pop up has the gifts that will reflect what is important to you this year, yeah we seen the posts you all made about supporting so don't give in to the big corporates and avoid them road rage car incidents that are inevitible at Westfield this year. You and your gift receivers will be 100% grateful. 

WHERE: 19 Downie Street, Maryville

TIME: 9am-2pm

DATE : 19th december 20