This is: Christina

This is:  Christina
From the first time I met Christina, I knew we had to be friends. She was unique, carefree and confident. It is what I still admire about her today. Her ability to see the beauty in almost anything is so endearing. Her collaged art is only the smallest part of her that expressed this, here we ask her a few questions because I feel everyone deserves to met her. She brings joy into almost everything she meets life. 

Name: @mistyhill_collage

How did you start creating art?
I have always created art, throughout my childhood I was going to Saturday art classes at my primary school and I became more and more interested in surrealism as I reached year 12 and from there it continued...

What got you interested in the art medium of “cut-and-paste” mixed media ?
I have always been interested in photography and loved collecting images from magazines and other forms of literature. Once I moved away from my home town I began sorting through things and the collage happened! 

What is your no1. muse 
My no.1 muse would be my plants.
Why plants?
They are always changing and growing. They are so unique in their beauty, I really enjoy taking photos of my plants and incorporating them into my collages as their bold abstract structures rise from a huge expanse of settings.

Do your muses change ?
I gain inspiration from other muses over Instagram, there is such an amazing world of artists out there so it’s a really beautiful tool to see what others are creating in their own mediums. 

Does instagram motivate you to keep creating art ?  
Yeah, it does! it’s good to get inspiration from other styles of art not just collage, its such a visual tool and showcases trends, styles and inspo.
What goes through your mind when you are creating art?
Depending on what my mood is I’m usually thinking how can I make this as WEIRD as possible!  Then its more like, what colours are going to sit well together, how can I challenge the viewers thinking, what’s something they’ve never seen before.

Where do you source your materials ? 
I was collecting heaps of vintage books ranging from photography to topic books although I haven’t done that in a few years, I’ve been focusing more on using my own photos which I take on SLR or point and shoot cameras. 

Collage art seems to be a rising art method, what is your next creative move? got any shows? where can people by your art ? I’m planning to do a show with a friend soon in a local space around Mullumbimby. 
Cool what kind of thing should we expect?
Well, I recently took a bunch of photos of one of my girls in her natural state (nude) in a bunch of all these abstract positions I want to mix them with a bunch of images I have of my vines, maybe it will talk about the relationship of woman and nature. Like, how sometimes nature strangling and sometimes it is supporting. 
What product could you not live with out? Cameras

What do you most miss when you are not home? My garden

Words of advice to high school you? Keep having fun

What is in your recent google history?
Thai Lucy. Benefits of CBD and THC oils. how to propagate a cardinal creeper.
Deep dive on your camera roll… explain three images ? 
1. Horsing around
2. Sometimes you need pink
3. Snake wrangler
4. Corrugated
Fave place to get pizza? Pizza paradisio Suffolk Park.
Last thing you watched on Netflix? Brooklyn 99.

Finish this sentence….  you don't want to see me when …. I wake up with my hair looking like John Farnham in his prime.

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