Breaking the fast fashion cycle is not easy work!  You got to step out, stand up and shoot through that glass ceiling. That is exactly what Szâde has done.

This Australian sunglass label created a unisex product that was sustainable, stylish and functional. Elevating unwanted materials by rounding up glasses that have been discarded, broken or deemed faulty and un-shame-ably destined for landfill. 

So when Szâde enquired about LAATE stocking their product we did a little research. Instantly we loved the idea that the brands ethos had the environment in mind and didn't assign a gender to functional product.  If only our government had a similar idea!! 

Szâde found an innovative way to channel our unused eyewear. Breaking the cycle; the cycle of waste and excess in the fashion industry. These shades are designed in Melbourne, with collections coming out bi annually.  The sunglasses embellish rave culture,  while still paying homage to iconic styles that were sported by the most transgressive figures that refused to follow historic conventions... Just like Dennis Rodman's wardrobe. 

Liberate yourself from normative social constructs, these glasses are a barrier for your eyes but a door way to doing things how you want to, when you want to, simply because you want to while still being graceful to our mother earth. 


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