Refuge from reality in anothers holiday images

Refuge from reality in anothers holiday images

Dreaming of a getaway, road trip, vacay has seemed uncertain. A distance glimpse of light at the end of a dark, exciting, yet hard to navigate tunnel. Which is that of opening a business and renovating a store. 

We all need to seek refuge in something or in some place and endlessly staring at the 2018 SOLD OUT coffee table book 'A Plain View' from Jason Lee has been my immediate fix this week. 

His images are a quite escape into rural America, his subject the unassuming backroad and abandoned dwellings from Texas. The allure to the undiscovered, the left behind and forgotten is as captivating as I find relaxing.

I am unsure if it is because it evokes some sort of childhood nostalgia of sitting in the back seat listening to my discman and believing I was in some sort of sad pop song film clip by Brittney Spears, while mum, my sister and I crossed the NSW border into VIC or that the silence, peace and beauty captured in each of his images is what my  mind need to take a break. 

Either way I am thankful for the images he has captured. 

Now excuse me, while I snack into a chocolate coated scotch finger, black coffee and flick through some of my favourite images. Lord knows, I need my fix.

Here are 5 of my fave.

PS. If you didn't get your hands of a copy of the book from 2018, Keep and eye out because 2020 will be bringing road trip eye candy with a 2nd signed release of books.

If you can not wait that long there are also limited edition prints for sale HERE.