So if you skate in Newcastle then you probably have heard about this Friday night, The 18th of December.
Our beloved Lass O Gowrie pub is holding not just one premier.......
but TWO skate premieres in the same night :0
The first video is "Technically Difficulties".
Filmed in Newcastle by Tahnee Sams.
Tahnee has put so much time and effort into this one with such a dope variety of Skateboarders.
Loaded with an abundance of underground Newcastle skate culture and a group of friends that compliment each others skateboarding perfectly.
This video explores recently upgraded buttery city spots but delves more into the deep world of the hills.
Front yards literally become skate spots & creativity flows down your driveways when your not home.
These guys embrace the not quite perfect, hilly, cracked, rugged classic spots Newcastle has to offer that most skaters overlook.
Features: Blake Carthew, Toby Martyn, Rowan Davis, Dean Carr, Sam Fairwhether, Dannan Chiu, Justin Poutney, Tom Lupton, Jack Grey, Brandon Cook, Adam Tabone, Jesse Ambrose + friends....
This video is guaranteed to make you want to go skate.
Get there before 8pm to make sure you get a spot.
Head to @couchrot instagram page to peep the teaser.
The 2nd premiere "Intermittincey" is a HD project which features Matthew Young and Jono Power.
Two long time Newcastle street skateboarders.
This part is sure to be filled with gnarly everything and both styles are something that will look incredible together up on that big screen.
LAATE alongside other local stores and establishments will be donating towards the raffle so skate product is up for grabs too.
You will kick yourself if you miss this.
Remember Covid practises are in play.... Be patient and listen to the friendly staff at the Lass...
UNDER 18S ALLOWED but you will need a parent.

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