This June, Nath embarks on a remarkable journey, skating over 300km unassisted (meaning just his board and him) from Port Macquarie to Lake Macquarie in just 5 days. His mission? To raise funds and awareness for mental health and suicide prevention.

With a target of $30K, the funds will not only cover incidental trip costs but also support two cherished foundations close to Nath's heart:

  • Talk2MeBro: A vital organisation offering men a safe space to share their struggles without fear of judgment. Learn more at
  • Foundation Brave: Dedicated to educating youth about mental health and strategies for prevention. Discover more at

Nath aims to complete his journey on June 27th of June, marking 7 years of sobriety—an incredible milestone for both achievements.

Stay updated on Instagram @thegoodpush2024 and use #thegoodpush2024 to show your support and spread awareness. Plus, donations of $30 or more enter you into a draw to win one of 7 fantastic prizes, including complete skateboard setups.

For an in-depth conversation, tune in to the Terrible Happy Talks podcast, where Nath shares his journey with host Shannon Farrugia, discussing mental health, addiction, skate injuries, family, and sobriety.

Every bit of support and share for #TheGoodPush2024 is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to sponsors: Terrible Happy Talks, Modus, Athelite, Mick Medusa Tattoo, DeathBreath Skateboards, Amigos, and everyone who has donated and shared the cause so far. 

At time of writing this article funds were at $2,810 - let's give him a lil push.