Glitter, almond nails and frills alongside her killer skate clips and humorous edits   are what makes up most of one of our style and skate babe icons Stefani Nurding's instagram. The British skateboarder and mum is a creative, who packs a powerful female punch which is softened by a little bit of humour. Just like her brand SALON SKATEBOARDS. Stef does the girls proud by speaking about how skateboarding is generally marketed away from women, but believes and advocates that the sport like any other is for everyone. Kind hearted, humble and honest is what makes this new mum, skater so bloody loveable. Here we ask her a few basic Q's.

Fill in the gaps.
This morning I woke up to Felix my baby, it made me feel so happy, then I thought omg I'm tired. Now I’m sewing some new samples for Salon. 

Coloured grip or blacktop? custom job 

Current setup? 8.25 Salon board, indy trucks, spitfire formula 4, reds 

Favourite skatepark or place you have skated locally? Internationally? Malmö 

Hey, can you give us any scope on what you are working on at the moment?  
I am working on the next collection for Salon and also some interesting concepts. 

What’s your fave skate video? 
I used to love to watch sweet and sour video it was the only video I had for a while and I liked the soundtrack and the European vibe of the whole thing. I also like cheese and crackers and all the flip videos. 

Top 5 skaters? 
Sorry I'm just putting a bunch 
Sarah Muerle 
Glen Brooks 
Beatrice Domond 
Emma Lindgren 
Pontus Alv 

What do you consider your best personality trait ? 
I am kind.

I think it is good to show kindness to each other in this world ❤️ 

So you are a mum now, what was your first trick back rolling? 
Kickflip , took 3 gos which I was pissed about because I wanted to do it first try 😂🙈 

How long til your son (Felix) gets rolling?
I honestly don't know maybe he won't want to but if he does then whenever he wants to try :). 

Who gave you your first board ? Who was your first skate pal? & do you still skate with them ?   
My first skate friend was Glen Brooks he is a local ripper in Plymouth, we speak still but we live far apart he came to visit me before I had the baby so we are due a visit soon. 

What has been your biggest pinch yourself moment? 
Vans park series in California, I always wanted to go and be a part of that as I really looked up to and was so inspired by the women who skated that, Lizzie, julz, Alysha. When I went to drop in it was really sunny and good vibes and I made a mental note to myself to really soak it all in. I am from a very small place and no one believed me that I was going 😂. It is one of the best times I have had skating so far. 

What would your advice be to just starting out skating Stefani? 
I think it would be to say to be yourself and trust your self and don't get down about how others treat you or see you. It is great now and I have worked through it but there was a time in skating where I didn't have the sense of belonging that I have now and that was really hard for a few years. 

How did SALON start?
I was getting some boards from Polar and I think I was probably moaning about the industry or something and Pontus kind of woke me up to the fact that he had wanted to change things and so he just did his own thing. I just kindof had this lightbulb moment where I was like I need to just do my own thing. Grateful to him for that. 

We love the tounge in cheek expressions on the SALON gear, do they come from poking fun at the haters?  
They do, I see so many negative comments on people's videos and not just girls it's any person who tries to have a bit of flare or something different. I want to empower people not just women to feel like they don't have to follow some boring norm in skating. 

Where do you get inspiration for SALON? 
I get inspired by everything, I love going to exhibitions and going to the library. We are soon to get an office and it is going to be totally Pastel pink everything with a lot of plants and glitter perspex chairs. 
My car was a glitter Mercedes , I'm looking to do that again haha. 

What is your fave part of the design process? 
I love mood boards I love printing out the images and looking at them all together and I also love a finished garment it's so satisfying. 

How do you mange to to run a successful skate business, blog and /vlog, as well as be a new mum and also still find time shred whilst looking like a queen?  
I am living my dream so I am just grateful and doing it constantly. I'm currently lying on the floor with the baby sleeping on me answering these questions haha. 

What has been your favourite thing about being female, being a mother and being skater?  
The fact that you just asked me that question and put those down as exclusive things 😂. People keep calling me skate mom and I'm like, what the fuck is that 🙈. 

No seriously tho my favourite thing about life right now is being a mother, it is so amazing my son is the best thing to ever happen to me, I am so much more grateful then ever to be a woman and to have this connection with my child and to be lucky enough to raise him. Being a skater used to be my whole life and so now things have changed for a bit , I am looking forward to putting my energy into it again for a video part. 

What is your favourite thing to do when know one is around? do you ever have time alone now you have a kid? lol 
I haven't had time alone for a while except I went to Amsterdam the other day for a photoshoot but that was still work. If I had a whole day to myself uninterrupted I would just go swimming and float about on the water.