Ty Neilson

 …. 32
Fuck had to think about that.

Your younger than me dammit

How long have you been skateboarding?
Pffft too long… shit kicked around  since I was 10 i reckon… probably earlier.

What is your first skate memory? 
My mate rolling down a hill next to my house on this Big W board with a whale on it.  Actually I remember going to Cams Wharf Vert ramp it was 2 doors up from my Nans house.. Back in the day heaps of pros skated that.

Not too many big lone vert ramps around anymore hey..

First setup? 
The whale board! I bought it off him for 5 bucks

Current setup?
Anti Hero 9’, Indy 169, Hardluck bearings and Spitty 55mms then I have just a bunch of different boards at home Shaped setups cruisers whatever


If you could change one thing about skateboarding what would it be?
Aww fuck. Probably skateboarding NOT being as cool as it is at the moment. I like the fact that back in the day it was a tight knit community, now it’s balls.

Three of your biggest local influences? 
Probably start with Stocky (Brad Stock) for skateboarding & for photos.

Troy Eberhard  that dude back in the day was a beast. Still is.

Lee Partridge watching that dude skate was amazeing. Anyone that cannot skate for 6 months then just rock back up and throw hammers to me is fucked.

Three favourite skateboarders ever…

  • Jay Adams
  • Jason Jesse
  • Cardiel

Tell us your fondest Newcastle skatepark moment?
Anti Hero team at Newcastle skatepark.. I don't remember seeing it that day but Julien Stranger had a photo from that demo doing a back lip on the barrier out of the kicker. All time fave thing. They wrote in the caption New - Castle . That cracked me up.


Rice or noodles?

Sweet or sour ?

Cats or dogs?

Late or early ?
I'm both. Bit of a mixed bag.

Patience or impatient ?
Fuckin impatient

Thin or deep pan? 
Thin, deep pan can suck a dick

Film or digital ?
Fuck with both


Got anything in your pocket? What is it ? 
Lighter, phone, film canister, ATM card.

Backpack contents?
Cameras, cigarettes , bit of weed.

Last time you did something and though oh fuck i should not have done that ?
Daily. I'm always doing something i shouldn't

5 things you fuck with?
Pizza, weed, cameras, skateboards & cricket

Strangest thing in your house?
My cat. Killer. He's a space cadet

First camera?
Some $30 fuji one from cash converters. Old film camera. 

Current setups?
Canon 7D, leicaflex, mamia 6.5 & a Pentax point n shoot

Favourite photographers, biggest influences in photography?
Stecyk is definately one of them. I love his photography.

I also like Dave Swifts photography & Glen E Freidman too.

I cant have nice things because?
I'm retarded

You don't want to see me when?

Last thing you watched on Netflix?
Will & Grace last night

Last thing you read?

Weirdest thing you've seen recently at Newy park?
The crackhead at new park making me take photos of the halfpipe insisting the photo has this inflatable duck . Then proceeded to offer me coffee in a satchel with no water…. very strange.

Ideas on new skatepark changing?
It fuckin blows. I don't think people can just leave things alone. People always want bigger & better but I think if it aint broke don't fix it. The push of todays society is all about revamping, doing everything up to suit its surroundings but with things like new park its just Fuck you leave us alone…Thats our shit down there just don't fuck with it. If you and all the other skateboarders want a new park just build it somewhere else. I dunno maybe its just for me. But I've skated down there since I started. Its always been there. To this day I spend a lot of time there. Met heaps of cool people , saw a lot of demos but yeah ….thats my opinion . 

Skateboarding in 2019? New age? Differences growing up to present day…

For me personally its a lot softer when it comes to the people. I suppose coming from the area I grew up in was pretty ghetto, like drug dealers, crack heads, housing commission. Skateboarding I was drawn to was the tougher side of it all. I used to be intimidated when I would go to the park by the older crew. There was respect. These days you turn up and a 12 yr old kid on a scooter tells you to ‘Fuck off” … back in the day these kids would cop a punch in the head for talking out of place. These days Scooter Dad is watching and will stick up for his kid even though he told you to fuck off…  

That tough love growing up made me look at things a lot different to kids these days. Growing up in rougher times and eras I guess is why people take me wrong sometimes because I see whats going on and need to say it how i see it & hopefully get through to one of these kids haha

Kids today seem way more worried about being cool. Like they're worried about being seen doing the tricks that other people think are cool. Not what they think is cool. If the latest thing is a walkie bash into a hill bomb or whatever… they have to do to be on trend. Skateboarding is a lot like Art, people think they are being creative but they're just following the same trends as a lot of others are. They like to say that what they are doing is different but it seems like a bunch of bullshit. Just shut the fuck up & go fuckin skate, stop worrying about who's done what and where.