Thought I would get back on here and share another VHS moment that still gets me pumped and takes me back to the hype of the Baker team during the "BAKER2G" Amateur era...
Every skate used to be juiced by these skaters especially in the stairs era of the early 2000s. This track defiantly psyched us up before sessions as teenagers. Getting heels blown out, rocking double soles and laying in crumpled heaps at the bottom of stairs was the coolest shit going on. Or I thought. At age 16 this was one of the most influential and relatable parts to watch because of all the Sydney & Melbourne footage. It was also released around the time of another of my favourite Australian videos PLAY which also has a bunch of Baker amateur gold in it....
The Martin Place intro was especially dope with the Nollie Heel 3, Fs 180 3, Switch heel 3 then Fs Flip the 4 block. Catching the train and skating the same stuff was a trip, I also remember the urgency to learn Fs Flips properly and force myself to try it down shit. Watching Evan or any Baker rider helped learn tricks. It was the best way to visualise how to do it too. Just repetitively watching these videos and then hitting the front street to get the actual flip down. Then go to the local school and try it down stairs with my brother and I taking turns with the Sony handicam getting as low angles as we could with a clip on fisheye we borrowed from a friend.
Evan did all the flip to rail tricks that we wanted to do. Like Dollin did too.The kicky back boards just look so possible but you had to just have the nuts to do it. The Kickflip Noseslide in Maitland on the white rails. Another moment where I realised how much I suck & how much this dude rules.
Scott Kane does a fucking dope BS Noseblunt in this part alongside a few tricks from Terry Kennedy & Dollin which is worth a mention.
The Country Road FS Board is the most stylish thing ever.
The last Front board was one of those enders that you were just waiting for and you knew it was going to be something real big and famous. Watching such a little dude front board an 18 was jaw dropping and so inspiring....
It created that super energy where if you ran out of the house right then and there and got to even the closest 8 rail, chances are you would FS board it first shot..
Wherever you are now.. Thanks Evan!