BTS: Naughty a night before XMAS



Infatuated with awkward family photos and possessed by holiday sprit, a few wines and slices of pizza this naughty night before Christmas shoot was a hell of a lot of fun. 
While dodging the security pant-less and draped with cameras, was not as easy as it was hilarious. It became like a real life arcade game of Tom and Jerry moments. Seriously, to get these few shots we had to sneak in, climb a fence and get the shot before we got caught. Like a 15yr girl sneaking out of her parents place to kick out street lights, these photos encapsulate an intoxicating rebellious yet awkwardly innocent youth on a mission to uncover the magic of Christmas Eve. 

Heres to pushing the boundaries and still not receiving coal. 

Babe Courtney and Styling @laatesupply