Who is LAATE?

LAATE. encapsulates the grit and rich industrial heritage Newcastle has to offer with house branded tees, Australian denim and an eclectic mix of  local and international skate brands and apparel.

LAATE is about the love of skateboarding and breaking down boundaries. It bands together misfits, rebels, artists and anyone who has gone against the grain. Like it's owners LAATE has always and will always be about supporting local and appreciating international labels. The space embodies it's owners and represents the influencers; not the influenced. LAATE is about supporting the people  that work hard and play harder, it exhibits art, fashion and skate items.  
We don't fake it, we feel it, we live it! LAATE. personifies the owners, friends, friends of friends and the brands it supplies.
This is where fashion. art. and skate come to have a hell party.
All are welcome here.