Think back to 2020, remember the start of this shit show called COVID-19 ? Remember where you where ? How you felt ?

For many of us COVID was a time of isolation & exile, throw some cultural differences into that mix and the isolation is amplified 100%.

Rhiannon's first show explores themes of alienation and disconnection against a backdrop of cultural displacement in Thailand, the place she was when lockdown began.

Rhi’s unique double exposed film photographs will emerge from the brickwork and sit amongst the stained glass windows of 48 Watt St, While music from “Who is Arcadia” and “Tash Hampton” play in harmony of the art and space.

Finally offering a sanctuary for all that felt lost or disconnected in a time of such uncertainty.

“Double Standards” will be  showcasing Rhi’s experiences of living in Thailand during a time of turmoil, Through a compilation of double exposures on film chosen as her medium.

There will be a silent auction for one of the pieces with all profits going to LPN Foundation Thailand. A charity that improves the lives of migrant labourers in Thailand by addressing the injustice brought on by discrimination and inequality.

This event is a collaboration between one of our most talented faves, Leah, who organised the “Watch This Space” event at Laate last year. Rhi and Leah have partnered up to curate “Double Standards” a event that encourages local artists to exhibit their works in Unusual local spaces, offering the attendees a unique experience in a space they wouldn’t often experience such.

You can have all the fun, for a very small fee…

Buy tickets here! 


TIME: 4pm-7pm

WHEN: 29th May 22

WHERE: 48 Watt St, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Can’t make the event. But want to donate? Follow the link.


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