Todays post comes straight from the next gen, the skate rats..... the KIDS.
KIDS is a short skate video created by Redd Searson. With an array of street spots from Sydney to Newcastle these guys really have some fun and created a very nice first release.
The sick crazy little animations by Thomas Crowe really stood out to me.
I was constantly frothing for more of this the whole way through. I personally liked the 'dog pissing on the world' and the 'bowling ball mouth" animations the best :)
Jake Dempsey is a stand out and his style is very easy on the eyes. Skating a variety of stuff with a heap of pop. Looking forward to seeing more Jake footage in the future.
KIDS also features Scram newest rider Benfy who wraps up the video with some heavy and creative stunts with tight back 3s and hucking from a flimsy sign sixed to a fascia, onto a glass bank, amongst city crowds !  Other featured skaters include Liam Mcintyre, Joebie, Tashi Freeman who all rule and got some cool clips in there.
Most of these guys cant be much older than 15 (except for Fletch who makes a candid appearance) so it gives off a really fun energetic skate rat vibe that every skateboarder will gel with. Those early years of hunting the streets and getting a bunch of footage all in the one day.. Great vibes really enjoyed this it made me feel 16 again for about 12 minutes.. Looking forward to the next one...
Thanks guys.