Opening Night Photo Comp 2019

Opening Night Photo Comp 2019

We are getting closer to opening… and we need your help! 

We want 6 - Black & White, film or digital images.

The 6 selected images will be resized to 24” by 36”, printed and displayed in store. 

The idea is to create a gallery space that rotates with the seasons. Showcasing locally talented artists, auctioning off the images then donating the profits to local charities.
For our first exhibition we are looking for images that capture the grit and heritage of skateboarding in Newcastle. Whilst also encapsulating the candid moments of life in the streets. Pretty much images of skaters just being skaters and doing what they love with their crew. The good times, the bad times and everything in between.

What we are looking for is…

  • Film or digital photos that can be printed for display as 24 by 36’’  ( 61 by 91.5 cm) prints.
  • Black & White
  • Images that expose the grit and heritage of Newcastle City. 
  • Representation of the freedom, energy, passion, of skaters just being skaters.
  • Candid images of the skateboarding world that capture the sensuality and enthusiasm of youth immersed in it.

How to enter…

  • Simply send an email to
    Subject: PHOTO COMP - YOUR NAME  and images attached in jpeg and we will get right back to you.
  • Also feel free to DM us on instagram @laatesupply or find us on Facebook if you want to find out any more info…
  • You can enter as many images as you like - remember quality over quantity!
  • Get your images in by the 28th of April 2019.

Why enter …

  • 6 finalists will have their selected images displayed on the shop wall for 3mths with photographers name, socials and caption of image.
  • The top 6 photographers will receive a interview and feature on the fake news section of our website.
  • Your image will raise money for a local charity and giving back to to the community generates good karma. 
  • 6 finalists will win a board of their choice.


Copyrights & Usage Rights:

  • That he / she is the sole owner and copyright owner of the photograph
  • That he / she has permission from anyone pictured
  • That he/she gives LAATE and all associated Sponsors or charities permission to use their name and/or photograph for promotion, marketing or other purposes to promote the exhibition or charity across all digital media. Any usage beyond this context will only proceed after further correspondence and formal written permission granted by the Photographer.