SALAMAT project- needs you!

SALAMAT project- needs you!

The joy of receiving your first skateboard old or new is an amazing feeling!! It can open up a whole world to an individual, it can become a way of living not just a hobby or a sport.

Meet Ray Ray, a passionate skate collector with a collection of over 300 boards and an incredible family legacy in Australian skateboarding. His father's pivotal role in constructing the original Woden skatepark in Canberra reflects rays belief skateboarding is a way of life not just a sport or hobby.

Now, Ray Ray is channeling that passion into the Philippines through his non-profit initiative, the SALAMAT project.

Ray's a big energy kinda dude. His enthusiasm is contagious, especially when he talks about skateboarding. His impressive collection, cultivated over a decade, includes rare gems like signed Santa Cruz slalom decks from 1980. But His favorite graphic, the 'Jeremy Klein Dream Girl,' a true testament to the artistry within skateboarding.

why the Philippines? Ray's deep ties to the country, with two half-Filipino daughters, family and friends, fuel his mission to spread the skate joy to areas in the Phillipines. His primary aim is to bring skateboarding to areas in the Philippines, especially to those who may not have easy access to the skate culture.

The SALAMAT project has already received significant support, with over 100 decks and parts ready for shipment. However, they need more, particularly hardware like trucks, bolts, bearings, and wheels. Skate-related donations, from shoes to pads and helmets, are greatly appreciated. So with a timeline for shipping in December, the project is on the verge of making a meaningful impact.

 For those who want to contribute, you can drop off donations for Ray Ray and the salamat project at LAATE before December 15th.


“ life is truly greater when you're a skater."