We at LAATE have always been passionate about supporting the skate community and culture, because we are it, we are part of the scene, from filming, editing, organising events, supporting or sponsoring local skaters, selling local & skating with our friends, customers & team. We love to support the community because the community in turns supports us.

For Adam and me, skating has provided a space where we can be ourselves, something that we have always wanted the shop to echo. We are so humbled that LAATE has been a place that people from the community can come share stories, watch clips, talk out thoughts or just feel safe.

So, while the internet and other factors have made selling items at full price more challenging, brick-and-mortar, skater-run stores continue to be a central point for promoting skate culture and staying true to the sport's roots. By prioritizing local brands and core skate brands, we can ensure that the positive impact of skater-run shops and the culture remains strong.

Join us this Saturday, February 18th, in celebrating skateboarding and the stores that help keep it real. You can participate by tagging us in your posts, visiting our store and having a chat, sliding into our DMs, or buying something online.

Cause supporting us, supports you. 

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