IMAGES FROM VOGUE. (Styled by Kaila Matthews. Photographed by Jesse Lizotte.)

Two nights ago, Adam & I went and checked out "Tall Poppy A Skaters Story." Coved in facemasks and armed with our dine and discover codes, we didn't expect the treat we were in for. 

The docu-narrative softly but unapologetically takes you on a journey of self-discovery and how the road to becoming a professional athlete is not all fun and games. It is a road filled with an unfortunate amount of curveballs and chalkies. 

The movie was diverse, challenging, funny, and circles Newcastle's Bar Bowl regular. I found it to be an inspiring story that captivates you with the highs and lows of Australia's most recognisable female skateboarder, Poppy Star.

The cinematography honestly chronicles Poppy and her family at their most vulnerable points. It will make you feel the pressures of a mum-turned manager (from both sides) then throw you into the pump track of the professional skateboarding circuit, and then will give you an urge to push past that fear and send that trick you have not been able to stick.

The most humbling part of the movie I felt is when Poppy travels (pre covid) with a diverse bunch of skateboarders and is free from the margins of competition skateboarding. While filming for Vans, she travels with friends and her style adapts to the new challenges and street spots so beautifully. I think we see Poppy immerse herself back into the fun, creativity, and that first-found love of skateboarding she originally had. Poppy mentions in the opening credits how skating makes her feel... Free. I feel the opening scene and her travels with this group of uniquely talented skaters really showcases this. 

This movie is consistently compassionate to and genuinely appreciative of all that are in professional skateboarding. This coming-of-age story shows the transition from child to adult. We should all be more aware of the sacrifices all professional athletes take on their often selfless journey to accomplishing their dreams. 

Poppy's determination, perseverance, and humble attitude will inspire all who go to watch this movie. It is a must-see. Find your closest cinema here. 


CONGRATULATIONS POPPY on making the Olympic team!!! 

MOVIE FLYER FROM Candid Films Australia Production