The Heroine’s Journey
Mariko Konno Solo Exhibition @ ONWARDS STUDIO 


OPENS 6pm 19th MARCH 2021 

What makes a hero, is it the journey? the crisis? the victory of over coming said crisis? 

This beautiful collection of artwork from Mariko reflects a longing to be her own hero as well as showcasing how she has become the one to control her own narrative. 

This heroines journey of transformation is one relatable to each of us as she recounts her transition from childhood to womanhood. Using a bright, bold and playful illustrative style Konno reshapes iconic female characters. These iconic women emulate characters from Joseph Campbells "The Hero's Journey". 

This collection of work emphasises on our journey to adulthood we can be a multitude of many things and not just one thing. 

We look forward to supporting this amazing female artist and hope to see you all there. 

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