Photography we feel is always worth celebrating and after the shit storm year of 2020 and the horrible impacts it had on the creative industry (and more than likely every industry)  this special PHD research exhibition by James Rhodes has even greater reason to be celebrated. Not only has our good friend James almost completed his PHD but he is a creative that has come out of the 2020 blaze with no signs of slowing down. 

Kicking off this Friday the 12th March from 5:30pm at the University of Newcastle Gallery ( @uongallery ).

Through developing personal connections with his subjects, James is able to capture intimate and candid moments while exploring local areas. The photography is easy to consume each person can have an entirely different experience with each image and each image can make one feel different to the person who viewed it moments before.

You can expect to be wowed by images that have been developed and displayed in ways that make you rethink the traditional conventions of how the photographic medium is to be used and exhibited. 

So instead heading to your local, get out and explore the powerful and uniquely displayed images from Rhodes. 

IMAGES : @rhodshutter