VHS Friday.

VHS Friday.
Mad Circle was a sick company and I was pumped when I stumbled across this copy in Vert X Padstow. I always loved their magazine ads and the brand was always really hard to find... I guess why I was so into it. 
It had some very cool skaters for 1998. Pontus Alv, Bobby Puleo, Rob Welsh Karl Watson & Scott Johnston..
Pontus kicks off the video with some sick SF lines and his creative street style that flows to the track Cake "The Distance" .  His black and white intro really carries over and resonates with the Polar vibe of now....
Bobby Puleos style again is so amazing combined with a few cellar doors as per usual its a very enjoyable watch... The stand outs in this video by far though were Rob Welsh and Karl Watson...
Robs skates to "The Pharcydes Drop" a true Frisco hip hop OG ... The first noseslide pop out is insane. So many tech tricks, and true Wu Welsh steeze delivered on all of it. Big jeans and gap Nollie Noselides, Sw Tres, Noseblunt transfers, must see for any Welsh fans.

This really was the best part of this VHS for me. Karl is the best!
Karls positive vibes and relaxed style makes you smile the whole way through the part. The music is so magical and suits everything perfect. Switch crook Hubba Hideout and a bunch of incredible lines through EMB ...
"Lets live forever and forever be free..."