Started in 2000 by artist, filmer, skater Jay Strickland and one of the biggest names in skateboarding pro skateboarder Andrew Reynolds.

Baker took in riders from Zero, Stereo and Birdhouse and promoted a new set of skateboarding values. With Jays Baker Bootleg video BAKER crashed the clean cut birdhouse vibe with LA skate homies hanging, partying, being skaters. It is a skate classic !

Followed by more memorable videos BAKER2G, SUMMER Tour, Baker 3, Baker has a deathwish, Shake Junt - Chicken Bone Nowison, Bake And Destroy The Deathwish VideoTRAVELOGUE Baker TourBaker Presents "Certi-Fried Pro Rowan Zorilla" Part, Baker 4, Deathwish - Uncrossed, Shake Junt - Shrimp Blunt (2022)

BAKER has played a massive part of skate history and still is continuing to shape the industry. 

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