While the fires have torn through our motherland leaving a path of decimated native flora and fauna, hollowed out sacred sites and burnt out entire communities there has been one positive from the firey inferno Australia momentarily was. That is our civic engagement. 

Like a Phoenix this is Australia's year to rise from the ashes and use what feels to be a perpetual grief to rise together and support each other. 

Come down and get your endorphins to an all time high with a few mates cause its a Sunday and we all love supporting local. 

Whether you're down to spend up big and buy some art from local artists or you can only find enough in the couch to get you the entry fee and a few beers, know that whatever you spend will be donated to two well deserving organisations (NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE & ANIMAL RESCUE COLLECTIVE).

C'mon spread the good juju don't be like the guy everyone hates. ( Scomo! )


DATE: Sunday, 16th Feb, 2020

TIME: Kicks off at 3pm

WHERE: Small Ballroom, 48 Watt St, Newcastle


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