Few weeks ago it was my pleasure to interview @dirtbagp, Lazy daze founder and creator of many shamelessly liberating bodysuits. The forever changing hair colour and bold individuality of this bad arse bombshell creative spreads magical energy from Huntington Beach, California to our lil store on Hunter St, Newcastle.

In addition to making some awesome bodysuits for Lazy Daze, Priya also co hosts 'Ripride' a weekly podcast with partner Andy Roy and attends beauty school.

While we are excited to continue to watch her turn everything she does into pure gold and be an absolute powerhouse of mastering the multi tasking here is a brief insight into her own unique brand of fucking rad. 

Where are you from ? 
I'm from Orange County, California. Mission Viejo specifically. I lived in San Francisco for 8 and a half years and moved back to OC last winter. 

Where do you live now?
I live in Huntington Beach now.

What’s your fave colour?

What’s your fave food and drink?
Favourite food is kinda hard because I love eating everything so much haha. Probably a bean and cheese burrito from Sanchos Tacos or homemade Indian food.

As far as drinks it depends on the time of day but Ive been drinking fresh juice every morning. Ive been on the lemon, wheatgrass, ginger, and apple combo lately. Its so good. Weekends I pretty much drink beer all day and night haha. Either a Mexican Lager with lime or Stella.

5 things you hate at the moment? 

  1. My dogs keep pooping on my bathmat, so dog shit. I hate cleaning up dog shit.
  2. I hate daylight savings time, its this stupid thing they do in the US where in the winter you set your clock forward so you’re ahead one hour and it makes the days so fuckin short it’s seriously the dumbest thing ever. I fucking hate it with a passion. (fully agree, we do it it here but not in all states, so fucking dumb!)
  3. I hate shitty customers at school. Im going to beauty school right now and we get the craziest people that come in.
  4. I hate IPAs I think they taste like shit.
  5. I can’t think of anymore haha!

5 things you like at the moment ?

  1. Peanut (my dog)
  2. Lamby (newest dog) 
  3. My new apartment. Its pretty sick its 2 blocks from the beach.
  4. Cowboy hats
  5. Sparkley nails

Where is your fave place for pizza? What topping do you get ? got any pics of you and your slice?
Best pizza is at Pizzanista.
I love their White Slice!!
It's just cheese and more cheese but its so fucking good. 


What does a day in the life of Priya look like?

My weeks are pretty basic. I get up at 630. Take dogs on a walk. Make breakfast. Go to the gym for an hour. Grab a juice on the way to school. Ge there by 9am there til 4. If there aren’t any clients i'll sneak out of school for a few hours and go take my dogs to the beach or run errands. Im usually home by 430 to walk the dogs again. After that I'll make dinner then check my emails and take care of packing up orders for Lazy Daze. Most nights I just chill at home with Andy and watch tv/do computer things or I’ll go over to Basic Bowl to skate and drink a beer. I’m usually in bed by 10 on weekdays. Friday nights I go out with friends.

Saturday and Sunday were usually filming the podcast or some other stupid video for YouTube or at an event/art show/concert etc.


How did you get into making the bodysuits? Had you studied textiles or dress making ?
I started sewing when I was 12. I started getting into punk rock around that time and started altering my clothes just hand sewing. My parents got me a sewing machine for my birthday and I learned how to make my own clothes by deconstructing stuff in my closet. I had a punk store in middle school and high school. I sold everything on Myspace haha!! I would make these cute leopard skirts from scratch, dresses, tube tops. Everything had plaid and leopard on it haha and patches or cut up band tees. I would make my own band patches with fabric paint. I had a button maker and would make my own buttons too. I pretty much just stopped sewing after I moved to San Francisco in 2010. Met my boyfriend Andy in 2014 and I was skating Potrero everyday for like 2 years being a piece of shit at life. Over the next two years I got fired from multiple bartending jobs and a weed store and realized I had to start my own business because working for other people wasn’t working out. My initial idea was to do swimsuits and sell bikinis and one night I randomly thought, I wonder if I use a t shirt instead of swimsuit material how that would look. I grabbed one of Andys Antihero shirts and cut and sewed it. I posted a photo on instagram and people were freaking out and I sold like 50 of them that night.

What is your process like ? 
All I need is a shirt then i'll lay the pattern over it, cut it out, sew the side seams then sew the elastic. Its pretty basic.

What is your fave body suit ? 
My favorite one right now is either the motorhead one I made a few weeks ago or the killers suit.

Got any pictures of your area you make all the body suits? 
Not really but previously my workshop was in my living room or bedroom or a garage. I get them made at a factory in LA now so no more sewing for me! Wooo

The girl skate movement is gaining so much traction at the moment how does it feel to be working with some of the most influential at the moment?
Is that right?? Haha I didn’t know they were big time like that. They’re just my friends modeling my stuff :-p

So how does it feel to be a woman dominating in a male driven industry of skate, what’s some of the shit you cop and some of the love you get ?
I don’t really get too much shit. Most people are into the bodysuits I make. The only negative stuff is people that think i'm like printing the graphics on the suits/ripping off the companies. But all my suits are made out of tees straight from Thrasher or Deluxe or wherever else.

As well as lazy daze and school you also co host rip ride with your partner Andy Roy how do you find working and living with your partner? (I want to punch Adam in the face sometimes)
It actually works out pretty good. He’s sober now so compared to how it was when we lived together in SF when he was psycho on drugs its pretty easy now. He was a fucking nightmare! Now he goes to work 8-5 Monday-Friday working for his rehab. He’s still a dumbass but he’s way better. And yes I know what you mean about wanting to punch your BF in the face 100% haha.

What is the future plans for lazy daze ?
I'll probably keep it going but im not 100% focused on it like I used to be. Im hoping the podcast takes off and once I graduate school ill be busy doing hair as well. Id like to eventually get into making actual swimsuits and possibly other clothing, not just deconstructed tees made into bodysuits,

What has been your fave Rip Ride so far ?
Ahhh! Tough question. I'd have to say the Eddy Furlong episode or Christian Fletcher. The Simon Woodstock/Jason Ellis press conference was pretty fucking entertaining too.

You have been connected with some pretty influential people have you ever met any of them and been like fuck, got to pinch myself, this aint real? 
I'm not usually starstruck but every time I run into Tony Hawk its a fuckin trip and I can’t even get my words out correctly. Also when I used to skate Potrero and Elissa Steamer would randomly roll up that was crazy to me for a while until I got used to it.

What is your music playlist looking like at the moment ?
You’re gonna laugh but I’ve been obsessed with Post Malone. Andy fuckin haaaates it. (LOL!!!! This makes me so happy, imagining you listening to it and Andy raging.)

Is peanut a stinky dog or a non stinky dog? (Our dog butter, is a super stinky dog, we been calling him butt of late seems more suited haha) 
Yeah she’s a little stinky but not too bad. Lamb smells like candy I got her groomed last week. She has a pink mohawk now too.

What are you doing after answering these questions ?
Filming a commercial for our new Ripride shirts and getting orders done… it never ends!!!!!!!!!


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