The other week a mysterious package arrived on our LAATE stoop, a neat pile of creepy post cards. Intrigued ? so were we. So with a little detective work we found local artists Rosie Turner. Who turns out is holding a spooky pre halloween art show // party at THE ALL STORY and we are so excited to kick off halloween this way. 

The art show will draw you into the uniquely dark but gothic chic world of Rosie and her art, inspired by folk lore, b grade horror films. 

DATE: 25th Oct - 13th November

TIME: 6pm

PLACE: The All Story 

As if she isn't busy enough we asked if we could ask her a few questions about her life, art and upcoming show. 

What is the creepiest thing in your house?
My Dad's plaster death mask is definitely a cursed object. Please note Dad is still very much alive. 

Finish this sentence….  you don't want to see me when …. I'm trying to finish an artwork and its 2am and I've had nothing but black coffee and croissants for days. 

Run us through a typical day for you?
My routine is pretty wild - 4am start, gym and then home to do studio work. I draw and paint then get up and go to work. I guess you could say I'm disciplined?

What should we expect from Bloody Mary ? 
In Bloody Mary I would like to invite people to creep into a distinctly dark world. You can expect flowers choked by barb wire, rats, bats, broken bones, occult symbols, magic words and basically a fun spooky dungeon party!

What inspired the Bloody Mary art collection ? 
For the past year I have been thinking a lot about the concept of an Australian Gothic. I think Bloody Mary the the beginning of a journey into a darker side of myself via themes from gothic literature and film and moreso to develop visual stories and fables that are more connected to my own sense of place.

How is this show different to your previous shows? The actual colours in the show are so different from my usual black, white and blue. I love 1980's horror movies and the use of colour in those iconic films - especially the pinks and reds! The pink and red colours became symbols for blood, for viscera, for sexual desire, and for the candy pink dreams of unsuspecting victims.

What age did you really start getting into art ? 
I was always drawing as a kid, I was really lucky to have a family that just let me go wild - drawing on big sheets of butchers paper, always colouring in and making a mess! 

What music do you listen to while you create?
My playlist for this show included some classic Nick Cave alongside Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator and I listen to my pal DJ Doom's amazing indie radio show Brizzzbane Batcave (for all your deathrock, post punk and darkwave needs!)

What is your favourite medium to work with ? What mediums are you currently experimenting with ? 
I LOVE working with ink.
It's chaotic and tricky at the same time. If you use it with confidence it can look so effortless, hesitate and it'll just look like crap. I'm experimenting with more paint than I have used in the past and in this show I am using so much more colour! The colours are informed by the horror movies I've been watching lately. Lots of 80's sexy neon pink and red. 

Can we peek your art space?


Giving up your day job to have more time to do something you love is scary but must be liberating , do you have any advice for any one that is currently fence sitting ?
So I actually have a day job! I work in retail and I hustle really hard to make sure my work life and my art life are balanced because  that works best for me and my financial situation. I feel that because my time divided between different commitments has forced me to develop a ruthless work ethic. There's no time to wait for things to just magically happen so I have to just GO FOR IT! 

Top 5 scary movies ?
While I was working on the show I was watching watching some films like Re-Animator (1985), A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), It Follows (2014), literally anything starring Vincent Price and my favourite film EVER-  John Carpenters The Thing (1982).

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