THIS IS: AK (Andžs)

THIS IS: AK (Andžs)
Andžs is the type of guy that when ever he strolls past you just have to smile, like a Latvian Brad Pitt he oozes cool, calm and collected like no other. Juggling two pretty much identical twins and a really nice camera, he quickly snaps candid moments from all round Newcastle. The shots are always the goods, they really capture the essence of the once present moment. 
One time I remember I was just skating to work and 15 minutes into the shift i received a series of images to of me just casually pushing across the pedestrian crossing, with out knowing he captured my daily ritual of heading to work. 
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@AK_streetphotgraphy & @akskategram


Who are you  & where you are from?
Hey! My name is Andžs (Ange) would probably be the closest to it, but with A pronounced like when you say “America” 

I’m 26 years young and I was imported from Latvia ☺

Correct! It’s a Beautiful country its coast line follows the Baltic Sea and Russia  on the left hand side.

Rad, what is your identifying feature, something about what and who you are?
I’m photographer, I’m skateboarder and I am Dad, I am kind of like “Jarod” from TV series “The Pretender”.

Genius, so were you raised in a secret lab in LATVIA? 
YES!!! HAHA, not really, I just mean more that sometimes I'm all three, sometimes I'm just one, guess it depends on the day and time, but I can be who ever I need to be just like the 'Jarod' Character. 

Duncan Williams Bs Flip, Croudace Bay

How old were you when you got your first skateboard & can you remember what it was?
Well, that’s a tricky question, ha. I think I might have been around 13 years old, it was a complete from a local supermarket, department store or something. 


What skateboarders do you look up too?
Mike V, don’t know the reason but I remember that we used to pretend to be our favourite skateboarders at the time and Mike V was my go to. After some time I developed a interest into skateboarders with different style, so I really appreciated Brent Atchley, even still till this day he and his style is still ripping my mind. Also Stefan Janoski is a G!

Favourite skate video of all time?
I bloody love Transworld “First Love” but sure there are more..

Current set ups?

Indy Koston trucks – wide ones – loose as fuck.
Bones bearings
Don’t know wheels
Board is one I won from a local skate shop contest.

Panasonic 50mm – f/1.7 is the gun, plus lots of glass from 70’s and up to now (too many) I use whatever works for me, rarely pay attention to what it is,  if it works that’s all it matters, seems to work for me as well, I'm kind of lucky that way. 

What is your favourite skate photo that you have shot?
I don’t have favourite photos , I appreciate every single moment I can and I have captured. They all are my favourites

Wes Kramer , Kiosk, Newcastle Beach

What does your medium mean to you? 
Photography in my life is like a drug to a junkie, makes me enjoy it soooo much and miss it when I don’t have it(I know it sounds fucked). but photography is my drug, It’s something I love, provided unique experiences and and has given me a lot of content to learn from.  I always have had a drive to capture, document and record, photography is my chosen medium. I love it!!!

Any favourite photographers skate / non skate related?
I really appreciate work of  Fred Mortagne a.k.a FrenchFred, he can capture anything, but skateboarding is magical by him. Photography in general, I will say Mick Rock – he is the real deal !

Marius, Fs Smith, Newcastle Beach

So we hear you are heading over to photograph Simple Sessions, can you tell us what thats all about ? 
Yeah sure, SimpleSession, damn… Well it all started with me winning a contest put out by a local skate shop called I won a DVD called  “Fresh Fruits” a video made by Maksim Kalanep. That opened my eyes to wider viewpoint about skateboarding in different countries. First I noticed Mystic Cup in Prague and then Simple Session. It was unreal to see such a competitions at that point in time, big ramps, all ply wood, big rails and some Latvian skaters were skating it? No way! That’s it, i was blown away that it is happening around the corner from were I live. But now having an opportunity to and experience it myself, ehhh, it’s hard to describe, I’m very excited if not too excited. Ha! I noticed that not many people know much about European competitions here in Newcastle, so that is a great chance for me to spread the word and take them for a visual tour of experience which has been going around the world for last 20 years. 

Are you pumped to get over there and document the action for the 20th Anniversary?
Yeeees!!!! So stoked to have chance to go and see it! 

We will be keeping up to date with AK while he is over at SimpleSessions 20th anniversary contest which kicks off the 6th of Feb, so stay tuned for exclusive interviews, photos and awesomeness. 

Here are some highlights from 2019 to get ya all keen.


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